Wall Pieces

Mikel creates stand-alone and polyptich panels for wall display, as well as more sculptural 3-D pieces for wall decoration. Some common themes in his wall pieces are natural elements such as trees, structural elements such as houses or topographic lines, and whimsical elements such as faces and vibrant colors. 

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Rainbow Tree 1

Abstract Lines Tile


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21A April 2009 Download 043_edited



August 19 2007 Download 130

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18 Oct 2008 Download 023_edited_edited

Rainbow Tree 2

Pastel Topography Tile 2







The Mount Horeb Farmer's Co-Op Panels Project

In 2005, Mikel was commissioned to create seven large-scale architectural murals to add color and interest to the renovated Farmer's Co-Op Building, affectionately known as "The Old Co-op", in downtown Mount Horeb. The building has now become a notable feature of the downtown area and has added some color and creativity to the landscape Mikel and many others call home. For more information on the project, please visit our "Architecture" page.

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