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Mikel's art has also expanded into vibrant, detailed mural work that adds interest and beauty to buildings as part of their architectural features. Thanks to the size of his studio, he is able to create massive ceramics murals designed to integrate harmoniously into the landscape of a building or outdoor space.

tile closeup installed_edited
coop tiles_edited
Tile Installed_edited
Tile Panel 4
Tile Panel 1
Tile Panel 3
Tile Panel 2
July 16, 2005 002
July 16, 2005 023

The Mount Horeb Farmer's Co-op Project

In 2005, Mikel was commissioned to create panels to add color and interest to the Farmer's Co-Op Building, affectionately known as "The Old Co-op", in downtown Mount Horeb. He was commissioned to create 7 large-scale architectural murals. It has become a notable landmark in the downtown area by adding some color and creativity to the landscape..

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